Claire’s World




I am just an ordinary twenty year old trying to find her place in life. I wish I were still young, as cliché as that sounds. But here I am, a sophomore–junior-to-be–with all these worries. All these thoughts that keep me up at night. That’s when I begin to wonder if people have those same thoughts, if maybe I could express myself and have people comment over how they’ve felt about that particular topic. My mind wonders a lot so I could blog about almost anything. From beauty,psychology,school, book reviews–I am a major book worm–or just every day life. I also have an upcoming weightless surgery in a month and I would also blog about my journey before, during, and after surgery. Of course, I don’t expect anyone to read this or care, hence the blog name. But I have nothing to lose, and lots to talk about so I hope you enjoy my blog!

P.S. Feel free to email me any topics you would like me to discuss in my blogs!


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